Cathy Hawks


Cathleen “Cathy” Hawks has been professionally piercing for five years. She is passionate to provide the safest, most precise, painless (as possible), and comfortable experience as possible for her clients.

She tests annually for certification in blood borne pathogens, and certifies every 2 years in both adult and infant CPR. She also frequently takes online courses, and tries to further her knowledge to improve the piercing experience for her clients.

Cathleen has trained and certified in both general and exotic body piercing, having studied under Harvey Kennedy, who has had over 40 years in practice as an expert body piercer and instructor.

She also has had experience in not only selling jewelry, but has gained knowledge of fabrication of fine jewelry as well, having worked for Hannoush Jewelers, and a subsidiary of Zales Jewelry; working as a training manager alongside her district manager during that time.

Cathleen is extremely dedicated to the best service and best quality jewelry she can provide for her clients, from infants to grandparents, and offers a complete range of related services to her piercing expertise.