Tania Trowbridge


Tania started her tattooing adventure in 1993, apprenticing with Bruce Bart and Bruce Kaplan in Tannersville, NY. Drawn out west after apprenticing, she traveled to Santa Fe, NM, and joined forces with old-time street artist Bill Wissman.

After migrating to the Pacific Northwest, Tania tattooed alongside Vyvynn Lazonga and Tina Bafaro. After gaining much experience and knowledge in Seattle, she decided to return to her roots in 1997 to open her own studio in Kingston, NY, creating Metamorphosis Tattoo on the historic Rondout waterfront.

At a young age, she saw and appreciated the curves, contours, and beauty found in nature. Today, that appreciation is evident in her work. Tania specializes in realism, portraits, and organic flowing tribal art. She also excels in beautifully creating any style of art requested by her clients.